Sept. 19, 2011
DENTSPLY’s Midwest and NUPRO brands combine to use innovation to deliver flexibility and freedom to hygienists.
YORK, Pennsylvania--DENTSPLY International, a leader in professional dental products, and Midwest RDH have developed a new cordless hygiene handpiece: the Midwest RDH Freedom Hygienist Handpiece. Ergonomics have been important to Midwest throughout its brand history with nearly 1/3 of dental health professionals citing musculoskeletal disorders as the reason for early retirement.Scaling and polishing take up a big part of each day. But corded prophy systems can make them a pain as one pulls against the cord. The Midwest RDH Freedom Hygienist Handpiece has a balanced, lightweight design that helps eliminate cord drag while increasing accessibility in the mouth. The result? Comfort and a better experience for hygienists and their patients. Other benefits include:• All-day battery life • Autoclavable outer sheath• Specialized prophy angles• Wireless foot pedal for optimal speed control • Cordless and portable for easy transport between offices • Quieter operation than traditional handpieces• Stable, low-flex connection between the DPA and handpiece • Textured grip design For more information, call Dentsply US at (800) 989-8826 or visit www.midwest-rdh.com.To comment on this product, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.References avaiable upon request from company.