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The Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences (La Societa Italiana di Scienze dell'Igiene Orale -- SISIO)

June 2, 2011
SISIO strives for the cultural and scientific growth of dental hygiene. FOCUS Editorial Director Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS, talks about her experience as a presenter at the society's 2011 meeting in San Rossore in the heart of Pisa. Four of the approximate 20 presentations are highlighted in this issue.
By Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS
The Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences (La Società Italiana di Scienze dell'Igiene Orale - SISIO), was founded five years ago and just held its Third Congress in Pisa, Italy. This year the event was defined by the presence of international speakers from Europe and around the world. Speakers included those engaged in research and development of methodologies and techniques for professionals in daily practice, and those striving to improve and optimize the services offered by the dental hygienist to the patient.
SISIO objectives are to accelerate the development of oral hygiene research, create a research infrastructure to serve the profession, and build a solid scientific basis for the clinical practice of oral hygiene. They strive for the cultural and scientific growth of dental hygiene. The SISIO slogan is: Learn about the science of oral hygiene and how to be protagonists (translated loosely to mean learn to be proactive and be major players in the field of prevention). SISIO will not replace the professional associations, but will operate on a purely scientific and cultural basis, in synergy and harmony with the professional organizations. The Congress was held in the beautiful San Rossore in the heart of Pisa, and provided an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions in the shadow of the world's most famous tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The theme was “Riflessioni e critiche sulla practica quotidiana dell' igienista dentale” or “Reflections and criticism on the daily practice of the dental hygienist.”
There were many speakers from Italy, and also from the Netherlands, the USA, and Greece, as well as many vendors and product companies. Greetings were given by the Italian professional associations and institutions: dott.ssa Ambra Chiocchetti, Presidente AIDI Toscana; dott.ssa Rosanna Butera, Palermo and prof.ssa Maria Rita Giuca, Presidente del Corso di Laurea di Igiene Dentale dell’Università di Pisa; dott. Maurizio Luperini, Livorno, dott.ssa Paola Mercuri, Roma, and dott. Gianfranco Sorgente, Presidente UNID; and dott.ssa Carolina Valente, Presidente ANID. As well, dott.ssa Annamaria Genovesi, Presidente SISIO (now Immediate Past President) brought greetings on behalf of SISIO.My presentation, sponsored by Dentsply Italia, was “Il comfort del paziente e il migliore approccio clinico nella Terapia Parodontale non chirurgica” or ”Patient Comfort And Best Practices In Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy." I discussed the role of pain control and ultrasonic instrumentation in the treatment of periodontal disease. There were approximately twenty presentations, four of which will be highlighted in this newsletter. Featured are: dott.ssa Dagmar Else Slot, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, “L’igiene domiciliare. Evidenze scientifiche”, or Scientific Evidence on Interdental Cleaning”; dott. Massimiliano Ricci, DDS, PhD(C), Università di Genova, “Efficacia dei magnetostrittivi nella terapia parodontale non chirurgica”, or “Effectiveness of non-surgical periodontal therapy with magnetostrictive scalers”; dott.ssa Marjolijn Hovius, Past President dell’International Federation of Dental Hygienists - School of Health of the INHolland University, The Netherlands, “Come applicare l’Intervista motivazionale nella pratica clinica quotidiana dell’Igiene Dentale”, or "How to apply motivational interviewing in everyday clinical practice of dental hygiene"; and dott.ssa Olivia Marchisio, Tesoriere della Società Italiana di Scienza dell’Igiene Orale, Manfredi System - “Decontaminazione globale: Un dovere etico o un beneficio per pochi?”, or “Manfredi System - "Global decontamination: An ethical duty or a benefit for a few?".
Current officers of SISIO are: Past President Annamaria Genovesi; President Gianna Maria Nardi; President Elect Consuelo Sanavia; Vice President Chiara Lorenzi; and Treasurer Olivia Marchisio. A photo of the 2010 officers is shown above.The courses, the setting, the food, and the people, were memorable, and a wonderful time was had by all. La dolce vita!Sincerely,

Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS

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