PerioChip available online in U.S.

Aug. 7, 2012
Antibiotic-free adjunctive treatment for periodontal disease available online

IRVINE, CA. — Dexcel Pharma Technologies, Ltd. has announced the online availability of PerioChip® for dental professionals in the U.S. market through its new website at The product is also available through Adrian Pharmaceuticals.

PerioChip is a unique biodegradable chip which contains 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine gluconate. It has been shown to be an effective and safe adjunctive treatment for patients with adult periodontitis with a pocket depth greater than or equal to 5 mm, when used with scaling and root planning (SRP). Chlorhexidine's active antiseptic properties kill bacteria without the risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

According to Sigalit Hart-Moran, Pharma Marketing Director, Dexcel Pharma, PerioChip is a safe treatment for periodontal disease that is more effective than SRP alone. As an antiseptic treatment, it also eliminates the risks associated with the overuse of antibiotics. Now, with online availability, it is simpler and faster for dental professionals to order.

For a limited time, PerioChip 20-packs are available online for a savings of up 27%. Discounted pricing for one pack is $355.50, two packs $629.00, and three packs $868.00. Orders can be placed

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