Dental offices can design each toothbrush with Slip-n-Click

Nov. 29, 2012
Launching at Chicago Midwinter in 2013

Time to retire the standard message toothbrushes and create a personalized message for each patient. From "Visit us again by Feb. 12, 2013," to pictures of Disney princesses or pop singers, Slip-n-Click by Dr. Fresh offers personalized toothbrushes like no others.

"Fun, innovative, and creative, Slip-n-Click offers complete customizable marketing and beyond. You control the message," said Dr. Steven Brattesani of Dr. Fresh. "Slip-n-Click allows for an infinite possibility of toothbrush messages and images. You will never need to order thousands of toothbrushes with pre-printed logos, addresses, or phone numbers. Slip-n-Click is the first toothbrush that gives you control of your marketing message. Such a simple concept, yet extremely powerful."

"This type of exposure is priceless," he continued. "You can target specific communities or customers nationwide."

The brushes come with simple instructions on how to insert the messages into each toothbrush. Since toothbrushes are to be replaced every few months, that presents an opportunity for a new message to go home with each patient.

Each quality brush features DuPont Tynex/PETA color changing bristles, a tongue cleaner, rubber grip, and a variety of colors. The cost is comparable to other major brands of imprinted toothbrushes.

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