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Introductions to RDH eVillage FOCUS written by Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS

July 3, 2014
Here are introductions to RDH eVillage FOCUS written by FOCUS Editorial Director Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS.

Here are previous introductions to RDH eVillage FOCUS written by FOCUS Editorial Director Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS ...

Welcome to the premier issue of RDH eVillage FOCUS

Minimally invasive dentistry and remineralizing agents

Antimicrobial and other strategies in the prevention of dental caries: implications for disease prevention

Caries detection: Beyond explorers

Risk assessment for dental caries

Dentin hypersensitivity

Interdental cleaning

Anxiety reduction in the dental office

Oral cancer awareness: What does sex have to do with it?

Tooth movement and alignment not just an issue for the young

The Italian Society of Oral Hygiene Sciences (La Società Italiana di Scienze dell'Igiene Orale — SISIO)

Up in smoke: Tobacco issues

ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning update, Part 1

ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning update, Part 2

Having fun in Chi-Town!

Obesity and inflammation: What is new? Polishing and radiographs

Rinses for the control and prevention of plaque and gingivitis

Practice management tips for the dental hygienist

National Dental Hygiene Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dental hygiene and dental meetings around the globe plus oral care for the cancer patient

Countdown to World Diabetes Day … ABCs of diabetes … Update on breast cancer

Second North American Dental Hygiene Research Conference: Getting inspired by research

Traveling the world to learn the latest in dental hygiene

Dental hygiene entrepreneurs, dispelling holiday myths, and a sugar saga

Trends for 2012

Times of change

Matters of the heart

Oral health for children

Oral Health and Nutrition

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Part 2: Focus on Prevention

Battle of the Bugs

The Perioscope

Caries detection: Are you still in the dark? Leadership and light

The deadly mole, Don't Fry Day, personal melanoma stories

ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning and the 89th Annual Session, update on Esther Wilkins, ADHA Standards

ADHA Center for Lifelong Learning and the 89th Annual Session a success; Dr. Esther Wilkins' health continues to improve

EuroPerio 7 covers major aspects of modern periodontal and implant therapy

Periodontal therapy and perioscopy: a new nonsurgical option

Dental hygienists in long-term care facilities; laser hygienists; dental implant hygiene home care; news you can use

Deadly West Nile virus; lessons from a special patient; probiotics; heart of the matter

Information on sugar and sugar substitutes, lasers and photodynamic therapy, inflammation, World Diabetes Day

National Dental Hygiene Month, F as in fat, antioxidants and hydroxyapatite

Social media, Smiles for Life

Waterlines, diabetes, lung cancer, The Great American Smokeout

Topical antioxidants, Shave the Shore, community-based dental prevention, What is the Challacombe Scale?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD); New dental X-ray recommendations

The year in review: The best of the best, a sad ending, an optimistic beginning

A new beginning

Mars and Venus

Dental hygiene of the future: Are you ready?

Heart attacks: Are you ready?

Dental hygienists in Belgium: Fact or myth?

2013 is a year for celebrating the dental hygienist

iPrevention; How to be a Disease Detective; Esophageal cancer: Are you at risk?; Growing bone?; Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis

Reflections on Boston

Educating patients about cancer risk factors a never-ending task; invitation to Esther Wilkins Legacy League luncheon

Workplace wellness programs; link between type 1 diabetes and heart disease


Taking time to honor 100 years of dental hygiene and our nation's freedom

Get ready for RDH UOR!; Exercise of the Month; Celebrate 100 years!; Dream Center

Excitement abounds at RDH Under One Roof

RDH Under One Roof highlights

Busy schedule of hygiene events continues as summer heats up

Welcoming fall and saying farewell to summer

A transition into autumn ... possibly a career change?

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Are you ready for the next 100 years?

On the road at the ADA Annual Session

Give thanks

New Recommendation Statement on Screening for Oral Cancer issued

Turning another leaf: 2014

New year full of good intentions, resolutions

A review of some serious health issues

February is a busy month for health-care professionals

Trending toward taste in "unusual" oral hygiene products

Good news for dental hygienists: more jobs on the way!

Disease prevention a key part of health care

April brings opportunity to commemorate several oral health causes

Awareness of public health issues important as spring commences

National Stroke Awareness Month, periodontal news, and immunotherapy

Will you be able to wear future smartphones on your clothes?

More updates to serious health concerns

Trip to ADHA Annual Session kicks off busy travel schedule

A special thanks