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KOMET EFDA bur kit

Oct. 20, 2010
KOMET USA introduces new bur kit.
ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA recognizes the responsibilities for dental assistants are constantly changing, especially for those who are EFDA (Expanding Function of Dental Assistants) certified.Developed in conjunction with Shannon L. Pace, CDA, of Virginia Beach, Va., KOMET has introduced the Shannon L. Pace Composite Kit for EFDAs (SD 2305). The kit is designed specifically for those auxiliaries who are allowed by their state boards to place composite.The kit comes with 15 different instruments (carbides, polishers and brushes), and provides the tools necessary to work on composites. Included in the kit are H132, H132F and H132UF.314.008 carbides. Designed with a smooth, non-cutting tip, it helps assure the user of a gentle finish without damaging the gingiva. H135, H135F and H135UF carbides also have a non-cutting tip, and work for labial composite finishing. The kit comes with various KOMET polishers (DC9517 [small flame in coarse, medium and fine] and DC9520 [knife edge in coarse, medium and fine]) interspersed with diamond grit to give composites a shine.For additional polishing, the 9685 and 9686 are special fibers brushes interspersed with silicon carbide. They can be used without a polishing paste. A stainless-steel pop-on mandrel (310) is available for those assistants who choose to use single-use polishing discs, such as those included in KOMET’s Composite Polishing System (Kit 4564). For more information, call (888) 566-3887 or visit read more about KOMET USA, go to KOMET USA.To comment on this product, go to