Acushy line of dental hand instrument grips acquired

May 5, 2008
Product line is offered under the name SoftDentalGrips.

Ralph A. Milliken, M.D., president of the Tony Riso Company, has announced the acquisition of the Acushy line of dental hand instrument grips.

The product line is offered under the name SoftDentalGrips. Dr. Milliken points out that these grips were designed by a dental hygienist who experienced musculoskeletal discomfort due to tightly gripping hand instruments. Using her newly designed grips resulted in reversal of her symptoms.

The grips come in two varieties, a patented Soft Air Cell Silicone Grip and a Soft Mirror Grip. They fit onto most existing instrument handles and enlarge their diameters to one-half inch.

As a result, the clinician can alternate from a pinch grasp to a palm grasp, reducing fatigue. The grips increase tactile sensitivity by opening the hand to a more neutral position, reducing muscle tension, enhancing circulation and oxygenation to the muscles.

The Soft Air Cell Silicone Grips are autoclavable to 400 degrees F. The grips are available in four colors for ease of instrument identification.

For more information, call (866) 986-6974 or visit SoftDentalGrips or
Tony Riso.

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