Sultan Chemists launches dental impression material

Oct. 21, 2004
High-quality, low-cost material brings genie performance to impression material mixing machines.

Sultan Chemists, a leader in manufacturing of infection control products and oral therapeutics since 1872, today announced the launch of Genie Magic Mix exclusively for impression material mixing machines, an exciting new addition to its GenieTM line of ultra hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane dental impression materials.

Available directly through Sultan's global network of distribution partners, Genie Magic Mix impression material was engineered to deliver unsurpassed performance at an affordable price, in the most advanced delivery system available.

Genie Magic Mix is designed to bring renowned Genie performance to dentists who prefer using automix machines. It is available in a 380-ml. economy size, delivering 5% more material than foil bag systems through its new cartridge style. Dentists will appreciate that it is convenient and easy to use, with no activation required - just load and go. They will also welcome a choice of two set times (Rapid = 2:10; Standard = 4:30), as well.

Patients will love its great tasting berry flavor.

"Genie Magic Mix offers the quality and ease-of-use that dentists and their staffs demand, and a blast of berry flavor that patients prefer," said Carey Lyons, Executive Vice President of Sultan Chemists. "With 20,000-plus impression material mixing machines in use throughout the United States, the renowned Genie quality is now available to dentists preferring the automix
mixing system."

Sultan introduced the Genie line in early 2003, after partnering with a world-renowned silicone manufacturer to develop the line. The result is an exceptional quality line of impression materials that deliver remarkably detailed and precise impressions every time, regardless of which technique is used. And the dental community responded overwhelmingly by making Genie
the fastest growing VPS material in the market.

"Several dentists who used the original Genie were so impressed they asked us to create a delivery mode that would work in their automix machine," noted Lyons. "Genie Magic Mix answers that call."

Comprising a full range of wash and tray materials, in addition to the new automix machine configuration, five viscosities and two set times, Genie offers the ideal solution for every dental practice. Genie actually exceeds the requirements of ISO 4380, and is manufactured to Sultan's stringent quality standards, ensuring exceptional quality and batch-to-batch consistency.

Genie is ultra hydrophilic, providing a solution that is extremely reliable and forgiving in any clinical oral environment, and removing any possibility of moisture compromising results. All Genie viscosities flow extremely well under pressure, ensuring the best possible coverage of all surfaces of prepared teeth.

"Looking at all of the advantages that Genie impression material offers to dentists, their staff and to patients, we like to say that Genie really does make wishes come true," noted Todd Finkenstadt, Marketing Manager at Sultan Chemists. "Genie delivers an impressive range of performance advantages,
along with a great price."

Additionally, Genie purchases earn valuable Sultan "CrownPointsSM" through the company's innovative customer rewards program. An industry first, the CrownPoints program offers loyal Sultan customers the opportunity to earn
points that can be redeemed for educational videos, CE credits, prestigious dental newsletters, and other merchandise and materials that are directly related to helping dentists to build their practice, improve their skills and learn about the latest clinical techniques and technologies.

Sultan Chemists, established in 1872, is the leading manufacturer of infection control and oral therapeutic products. Sultan distributes products exclusively through dental dealers on every continent and maintains its global reach with an extensive network of highly trained field representatives.

For more information on Sultan Chemists or any of its fine products, contact Sultan Customer Service in their Englewood, New Jersey office at (800) 637-8582, or visit Sultan on the Web at