Zenith Dental partners with Micrylium for product distribution

Oct. 5, 2004
With partnership, Zenith will be the exclusive distributor of Micrylium products in the United States.

Zenith Dental Products, distributors of DMG restorative materials in the USA and Canada, has announced an additional partnership for sales and distribution with Micrylium Laboratories of Canada.

Micrylium specializes in the manufacture of environmentally safe Infection Control products. Dean Swift owner of Micrylium Laboratories and Larry Katz, President of Zenith Dental products have reached an agreement for Zenith to be the exclusive distributor of Micrylium products within the United States.

Micrylium Laboratories was established in 1994 in Toronto Canada with the mission to manufacture products that are unique in properties and performance from any other competitor. Their commitment states that every product developed will be the best in its category when rated by consumer standards of "kindest, safest, fastest" or by appropriate International government standards. Testing is the final arbiter of performance.

Micrylium is dedicated to the health and welfare of those individuals who are responsible for Infection Control in the dental office. They will not produce any product that contains endocrine disrupting chemicals such as Alkyl or Nonyl Phenol Ethoxlates which can cause potential harm to those using them.

Dean Swift, owner of Micrylium has extensive experience in the dental industry working as a microbiologist for major manufactures. Mr. Swift saw a need for products that addressed the concern of infection control without jeopardizing the health of those using them as well as harming the expensive dental instrumentarium. Today Micrylium is the most successful seller of Infection Control products in Canada. They are members of the wwf the World Wildlife Fund, OSAP, The Toronto Biotechnology Initiative, Pharmaceuticals Science Group, and PIJAC Canada.

"We view this new partnership with Micrylium as an important part of our growth plan for Zenith. Our intention is to provide the best dental products to our customers whether they be restoratives like Luxatemp and LuxaCore or disinfectants such as Lines and BioSurf" said Larry Katz, President of Zenith. "We are excited to be working with such a progressive company who shares our vision for excellence".

The first product available for US distribution is Lines, a waterline disinfectant that promises a kinder, safer and faster solution to the potentially dangerous biofilms that grow in the dental waterlines. Lines will be available in November through the dental supply dealer; other products will be available in the following months.