The UAE is not the "world's best" when it comes to oral health

Oct. 21, 2013

According to Dr. Sabhlok, a leading orthodontist and former Dubai Health Authority consultant, more than 80 percent of the UAE population is affected by tooth decay. This is no surprise when you make note of a recent survey by Wrigley’s Oral Healthcare Program. The program surveyed the oral hygiene habits of UAE residents and showed surprising numbers of people that are not visiting their dentist annually. This truth is rather astonishing though, when you consider that this is a part of the world that boasts extravagance and being the “world’s best” at so many other things. There is a major disconnect between the UAE's healthy infrastructure and the population’s oral health. Also see Industry Updates: Whip Mix Corporation attends AEEDC and conducts training in Dubai

It seems that almost half of people in the Emirates only visit the dentist after they are already in pain. This is when dental procedures become more expensive, and often painful. If more than the, surprisingly low, 20 percent would visit their dentist annually, they could prevent much tooth decay that leads to other major issues, such as gum disease. In an Al Bawaba editor’s choice article, Dr. Sabhlok stresses the importance of good oral hygiene between dentist visits, as well as making it to the dentist before a problem is causing pain.

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