New Single Use Bib Holders made from recyclable plastic

June 5, 2012
Snap-Its attach like a traditional bib holder but are disposed of after each


OXNARD, Calif. — More and more dental offices are choosing disposable bib holders to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Various news report and three separate scientific studies have implicated reusable bib holders as having bacterial contamination that could be a risk to patients and dental workers.

In response to the shift away from traditional bib holders, a new option is now available through major dental distributors. Snap-Its are single-use bib holders made with recyclable plastic. They snap into place on the bib similar to traditional holders and can be taken off and adjusted if a patient gets up out of the chair during a dental procedure.

Snap-Its are a single patient use item and should be disposed of after each patient for proper infection control. Snap-Its can be recycled with other plastic recycling items. They are available to order now in boxes of 200 through most major dental distributors.

To learn more about the product and to view a list of authorized Snap-Its distributors, visit or call customer service at (800) 833-8267.