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Ronda Vantroba Lane

May 1, 2007
I have worked as a dental assistant for 28 years.

1. How long have you been a dental assistant?

I have worked as a dental assistant for 28 years.

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2. In Texas, all dental assistants are required to be RDAs. Why? What are the advantages?

Texas law is very specific in that only a dental assistant who takes or exposes radiographs must be a Registered Dental Assistant. The RDA credential became law to help ensure patients are protected in the dental office. The main advantage is that it proves the RDA has a good understanding of required knowledge. Competent practitioners ensure public safety. It also promotes a standard level of education for dental assistants.

3. You’re heavily involved with the Texas Dental Assistants Association. Why should DAs get involved with their assistant organizations?

This is my favorite question. I firmly believe that professionals should always strive to

  1. become better at their job by taking advantage of leading-edge continuing education,
  2. expand their network of professional contacts,
  3. have someone represent their professional interests,
  4. stay informed and share information about changing regulations from the State Board or other government agencies,
  5. help to educate others who have less knowledge or access to dental care,
  6. learn how to earn professional credentials, and
  7. work with those with similar interests to achieve common goals.

That is what professional dental assisting organizations can do.

Ronda Vantroba Lane, CDA, RDA, BS
Dental Assistant
Dallas, TX