offers upgrades

Jan. 15, 2002
The designers and programmers at DentistryOnline have been actively updating and modifying many of the CAESY-based interactive patient education tools and content patients use most.

* Hundreds of pages of new audio narrated patient education presentations have been added making each doctor's site the most content rich on the Web
* Every page of content can now be easily printed out or formatted to be sent via e-mail.
* The ability to edit and personalize each page with your practice name, address, telephone, Web site or other information in the customizable header.
* When patient education content is printed or e-mailed it automatically has the practice contact information inserted into it providing an excellent patient resource while promoting your practice
* Comprehensive patient education site search
* Complete content control (delete any content not relevant for your office).
* Auto-updating SmileLink patient health e-newsletter enhancements.

Newly published clinical research demonstrates that BrushPicks(TM) significantly reduce gingivitis and bleeding better than a leading floss (Glide(R)). Both products reduced plaque. The research appears in The Journal of Clinical Dentistry (January 2002), according to Dental Concepts.