OraTec Corporation releases fall catalog

Oct. 14, 2003
Plenty of information can be found in this free, 32-page catalog.

OraTec Corporation, makers of periodontal products for the dental professional and home care, announce the release of their free Fall 2003 Catalog.

* 32 full-color pages.
* Antimicrobial Irrigating Agents: TheraSol and OraChlor
* Periodontal Irrigation Products: Viajet Heated Professional Irrigators, wide selection of disposable tips.
* Home Care: Viajet Home Irrigators, Pocket Care & Perioflex hand-held pocket irrigators
* Natural Irrigants: Herbal Mouth & Gum Therapy; PerioClear & PerioScript.
* Chairside Periodontal Tests, including:
BioScan Phase Contrast Video Microscopy Systems
BANA Enzymatic Tests

For more information, or to obtain a catalog, call (800) 368-3529.