Package designed to help clinicians promote benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Oct. 5, 2001
Kit is titled "Teeth. The Ultimate Accessory"

MicroDental Laboratories has developed a comprehensive Practice Development Package designed to help clinicians promote the benefits of cosmetic dentistry within their own practices. Titled Teeth. The Ultimate Accessory, each kit includes a 16-page Patient Smile Guide, a baseball cap and mug displaying Teeth, The Ultimate Accessory logo, Patient Information Brochures,with stand, Patient Education Video, Patient Record Notepad, and a poster.

Intended to enhance communications between the doctor and patient, the Patient Smile Guide depicts a variety of actual before-and-after photos with patient-friendly descriptions of the various procedures involved.

$10 from each complete package order will be donated to the American Red Cross to aid with relief efforts with the Sept. 11 tragedy.

To order or for more information, call Jennifer Tuel at (800) 229-0936, Ext. 520.