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This is what we all strive to do. This is a column created to embody a hands-on approach toward user-friendly solutions for our lives. Each month I discuss concepts relating to women dentists,their lives, and their work. I focus on alternative dental products,Web sites, books, concepts,and organizations that simplify our world.

DentalEZ Group StarDental® Kaleidoscope

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A new colorful twist on a very reliable handpiece, StarDental has introduced its Kaleidoscope slow-speed. This bright, multicolored handpiece is a perfect addition to any operatory. It offers the same features as the “parent” Titan handpieces - 360° swivel connection and the quick-connect feature that is so helpful in my practice. It was named “Best New Product for Women Dentists” at the most recent AAWD meeting. For more information, visit or call your local dental representative.

Caulk CeramX®

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Do you want ease of placement with either a single shade or a multiple shade combination? Caulk has created an ingenious product that will allow even the most cautious practitioner to delve into the realm of esthetic composite layering. Using only seven shades, you will experience an incredible esthetic result with amazing translucency and polishability. CeramX has a medium-body handling that allows for ease of placement. The simplified shading system and handling make this the “go to” product for your restorative needs. For more information, visit

Hungry Girl(

Click here to enlarge image - daily tips and tricks for healthy eating! This fun Web site offers news on diet and nutrition, recipes, comparisons between foods with nutritional data, 100-calorie selections, and many more healthful tips for eating. The site is created by a woman, just like us, who loves to eat but wants to live a long and healthy life. She considers herself a “foodologist,” with a passion for food but an eye toward a healthy lifestyle. Subscribe to this fun site and learn more about the foods we love.

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