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Editor's Note

March 1, 2005
[The tipping point]

The tipping point

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Looking back, we all have encountered influential people in our life journeys. Those people who stir and nudge us in directions that maybe we did not consider, but because of their foresight and experience, something they “knew” was awaiting time. For myself, a pediatrician was a keen role model. It was my first experience with a “female medical professional,” and her care and demeanor made an impact on my childhood that extended into my educational career. This was a possibility; here was someone to emulate. Next was my piano teacher. Not only was she a Juilliard grad, but her teaching expectations were such that every student was prepared to follow in her footsteps. This was a teacher who never had to say, “Practice.” Instead, her drive, mentorship, and excellence led to an expectation second to none. You learned to execute, you studied those notes and movements, and you really enjoyed the process. As a result, all of her students became accomplished pianists.

It is with great pleasure that Woman Dentist Journal showcases some exceptional women dentists who lead, teach, and share in our profession today. All are pioneers in their own way and have phenomenal stories to share. Not only are their experiences profound, but what is even more incredible is where they came from and where they are now. If you are moved by their stories, or feel a connection, I encourage you to contact them and express your kinship and gratitude. They would love to hear from you and sense your support.

Rounding out our issue this month is the third part in our series on dental caries. This article contains very current information on tooth remineralization, the clinical application of products and protocols, patient education, and ethics.

Every issue is a challenge to bring new, exciting, and pertinent information to our readers, but this issue has been a joy - mainly due to the strength and wisdom I gained from talking with each of these women and learning how genuine and passionate they are about their profession and education. These are women who have stepped up and are answering the call from their community. Who knows, maybe you will be next!

The best is yet to come ...

Lori Trost, DMD

Dr. Trost is the managing editor of Woman Dentist Journal. She can be contacted by email at [email protected].
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