Free educational CD-Rom available to dental professionals

Dec. 15, 2004
Micronutrients and the dental patient is ideal for study group or meeting presentations

MediNiche, Inc., a St. Louis, Mo., pharmaceutical company, and developer of DENTAPLEX®, vitamin mineral supplement for healthy teeth and gums, is announcing the availability of a special free CD-Rom presentation entitled: Micronutrients and the Dental Patient. Effective immediately, dentists, periodontists, dentist study groups, registered dental hygienists, and dental assistants can contact MediNiche to request a complimentary copy of the presentation. The CD-Rom is formatted in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Micronutrients and the Dental Patient, presented recently at the Tennessee Dental Association Annual Meeting, provides an overview of micronutrients and their importance in maintaining oral health. It also describes oral manifestations of nutrient deficiencies and medical conditions that can impact patient nutrient status. Dental patients that are at increased risk of nutritional deficiencies are identified, such as smokers, elderly, and pre / post- menopausal women. Those who require additional nutritional support as the result of compromised oral conditions, e.g., periodontal, implant, and surgical patients, are also discussed in detail.

In addition to the CD-Rom presentation, complimentary DENTAPLEX patient starter samples and patient education materials are also being made available. DENTAPLEX, the #1 recommended supplement of dental professionals, is specifically formulated to help patients obtain the nutrients they need for proper growth, protection, and overall health of oral structures and tissues. DENTAPLEX is designed to complement therapies, e.g., Scaling and Root Planning (SRP), pharmacotherapy, etc., that dental healthcare providers utilize during periodontal or surgical patient care.

The DENTAPLEX free CD-Rom and sample program will be available to dental healthcare professionals through July 2005. Requests can be submitted via the Internet at:, by emailing [email protected] or by calling, toll-free (866) DENTAPLEX (336-8275).