Academy of Laser Dentistry announces plans for Source 2005: Lasers in Dentistry

The main areas of focus are Hands-On Introductory & Advanced Laser Clinics and Practice Integration.

A new educational program will be launched at the Academy of Laser Dentistry's 12th Annual Conference and Exhibition, April 6-9, 2005, at the New Orleans Marriott hotel.

The main areas of focus are Hands-On Introductory & Advanced Laser Clinics and Practice Integration. These are the highlights of the General Sessions and Educational Programs.

** ALC Advanced Laser Clinic -- For the first time, ALD's new interactive concept addresses the needs of our experienced laser practitioners in an open forum. Advanced problem solving, "How-to" discussion sessions, new applications, and hi-tech integration are among the topics to be addressed and debated.

** Practice Integration -- A modular series that integrates science, "How To" clinical knowledge and high technology into daily practice.

** Hands-on Seminars and Workshops -- 2-hour courses as well as a Mini Series provides educational choices among various device specific hands-on laser applications.

** FDA Laser Clearances -- Specific Indications for Use - Knowledge of legal issues, US FDA criteria, professional ethics, commercialism, and other issues that pertain to the correct and ethical practice of lasers in dentistry.

** Focus on Success by Understanding Failures -- For the first time, a unique opportunity to see the 'less-than-perfect' outcomes of the experts and how these complications were managed.

** The Hygiene Series -- Hygiene programs tailored to the needs of both novice and experienced users will be offered.

** The Exhibitor's Symposia -- This series is specific model. It provides educational opportunities ranging from basic to advanced applications for the more experienced practitioner.

Dr. Janet Hatcher Rice, ALD President said, "This comprehensive program fulfills our promise to our membership and the dental community as a whole to provide multi-wavelength, multi-level laser education that ultimately will be reflected in improved patient care." The Scientific Sessions Committee chair, Dr. David Roshkind, said during the new program presentation, "The integration of dental lasers into daily practice is occurring at a fast pace. The various levels of professionals involved with lasers in dentistry today range from dentists who are contemplating the purchase of their first laser to experienced dental laser practitioners who want to attain greater proficiency. It is ALD's responsibility to offer a program that stimulates our novice, intermediate and experienced attendees. For some it will be their first time learning about dental lasers yet for others it will be a unique learning opportunity to broaden their knowledge and clinical skills. Our 12 years of commitment to the field of dental laser education obligates us to constantly reassess and renew our educational methodologies and content. Source 2005:Lasers in Dentistry in New Orleans promises to showcase ALD's commitment to the profession."

The conference is open to dentists, dental hygienists and assistants, business staff, dental researchers, educators and industry representatives. Continuing dental education credit is available for all eligible participants. The Academy of Laser Dentistry is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider and an AGD Accepted National Sponsor (FAGD/MAGD Credit). Information regarding ALD's Source 2005: Lasers in Dentistry conference is available by contacting the Academy or visiting our web sites: www.source2005. org.

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