South Dakota dentist's steady hands help with wood carving

Jan. 2, 2013

Source: Madison Daily Leader (Original title "Steady hands help local dentist with wood carving")

MADISON | Bernie Schuurmans has been learning a new hobby — wood carving — which earned him an honorable mention award at a recent art show in Sioux Falls.

Schuurmans started learning about wood carving two years ago, but one of his dental patients, Dale Goreham, had been encouraging him for several years before that.

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A long-time Madison dentist, Schuurmans sold his practice in 2010 but has continued seeing patients.

"After I sold my business, I went to (Goreham's) shop," Schuurmans said. "Then I started going up to see him every three to four weeks."

Schuurmans said that each time he visited, Goreham would teach him a new technique. To date, Schuurmans has completed several carvings; some are Santas, others are cowboys or Native Americans.

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