Oral B Black 7000

Oral-B launches sophisticated new power brush

Oct. 18, 2013
Oral-B announces the arrival of its most technologically advanced power brush yet, the Oral-B BLACK 7000.

On October 17, Oral-B announced the arrival of its newest, most technologically advanced power brush yet, the Oral-B BLACK 7000. The Oral-B BLACK 7000 improves gum health and boasts superior plaque removal when compared to other power brushes. The Oral-B BLACK 7000 also removes 100 percent more plaque than the average manual toothbrush.

Oral-B's new power brush also features six cleaning modes: daily clean, deep clean, massage, sensitive, whitening, and the new tongue cleaner setting, which optimizes fresh breath.

The new power brush is compatible with a range of different Oral-B brush heads and comes with a traveling case.

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Oral-B suggests that the Oral-B BLACK 7000 be used along with Oral-B's SmartGuide technology that provides dental professional-quality feedback on brushing via a wireless display. SmartGuide is also available for on-the-go use in a new app available on iOS; the Android version of the app should become available in the next few months.

The Oral-B BLACK 7000 will be available in department, retail, and specialty stores beginning in April 2014, and is now for sale in limited quantities on the internet.

For more information on the Oral-B BLACK 7000, read this article from BusinessWire:

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