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"Mom," as she appears in our dental articles

May 10, 2013
Top six dental articles with references to "Mom."

Mom shows up in articles all year long on DentistryIQ.com, Dental Economics, and RDH.

The editors think about Mom all year long too. Honest.

Here are our favorite references to mothers in recent months.

(And, if you're reading this, we're encouraging you to do something special for Mom this weekend.)

Number 6

RDH magazine: Learning through the written word

The author, Ann-Marie DePalma, RDH, describes several books available for continuing education, leading off with Karen Raposa’s “Treating the Dental Patient with a Developmental Disorder.” Raposa, the mother of an autistic child, “understands all too well the frustrations, demands, and joys that working with these special patients.”

Number 5

RDH eVillage Focus: The year in review: The best of the best, a sad ending, an optimistic beginning

One “sad ending” in Maria Perno Goldie’s life in 2012 was saying goodbye to her mother, who passed away.

Number 4

Dental Economics: It's break time for nursing mothers

Human resources experts Tim Twigg and Rebecca Crane point out there are rules for female employees nursing on the job. While it’s not the kind of thing we relish talking about, we’re glad someone is looking out for Mom.

Number 3

DentistryIQ: Mother and adopted daughter travel to Paraguay with 100 pounds of toothbrushes in tow

This article leads into a more in-depth description of a charitable journey to Paraguay for a mother and daughter.

Number 2

RDH magazine: Did Mother Really Know Best?

Dr, Marie Fluent reflects on what Mom taught us about washing hands in a reminder to, well, wash your hands in this infection control update.

Number 1

Dental Economics: For everything there is a season

Dr. Beth Hamann writes about her commitment to family instead of a “singular calling” to dentistry.