6 communication tips to improve customer service in your dental practice

Feb. 8, 2013
Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, MBA, shares six tips you can use as you communicate with your patients that will have a direct effect on customer service in your dental practice.

Here are six communication tips you can use with your patients that will have a direct effect on customer service in your dental practice:

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  1. The two best ways to convey warmth and caring is through smiling and appropriate touch. Always greet the patient with a smile and provide appropriate touch, such as a handshake or gentle pat on the arm, at some point.
  2. Remove the phrase “No problem” from your vocabulary. If the patient thanks you, the appropriate response is, “My pleasure.”
  3. When speaking with a coworker concerning the patient, always use the patient’s name, rather than “he” or “she.”
  4. There’s only one opportunity to make a good first impression. Anticipate the arrival of the new patient, and make every effort to extend a warm and friendly welcome.
  5. Inquire about the patient’s comfort. Offer amenities, such as a neck pillow or blanket to keep the patient as comfortable as possible.
  6. Avoid controversial conversational topics. If the patient asks you a question about a controversial subject, you can always return the question. “That’s an interesting question. How do YOU feel about ...?”

Author bio
Dianne Glasscoe Watterson, RDH, BS, MBA, is a professional speaker, writer, and consultant to dental practices across the United States. Dianne’s new book, “The Consummate Dental Hygienist: Solutions for Challenging Workplace Issues,” is now available on her website www.professionaldentalmgmt.com. To contact her for speaking or consulting, call (301) 874-5240 or email [email protected].