Dental patient-education materials introduced

Nov. 22, 2005
Three learning aids from Sunstar Butler will assist dental professionals in elevating patient awareness and understanding of complete oral home care.

Sunstar Butler, a leader in providing advanced oral care products for both professionals and consumers worldwide, has developed three new patient- education aids to assist dental professionals in elevating patient awareness and understanding of complete oral home care.

Two separate Sunstar Butler GUM 3-Step System posters for healthier teeth and gums are now available to help facilitate better oral health through education and customization.

One poster features the 3-Step (brush-floss-interdental) approach to home oral care. The other entitled "Stay Fit", focuses on the oral health-systemic health link, followed by a less-detailed 3-Step reminder.

For optimal gum health, Sunstar Butler recommends patients brush, floss, and consult their dental professional to customize personal oral care routines.

The new 18x24-inch posters from Sunstar Butler are fabricated with special "ClingZ" paper that adheres to any surface with static electricity¿ no tape or pins are needed. Offered at no charge to all Sunstar Butler Gold Members, the posters are carefully shipped in flat packages, ensuring no creases upon arrival.

In addition, Sunstar Butler also announced a new Patient Flip Chart, a maintenance guide for healthy teeth and gums. Intended for upright counter display, the flip chart is assembled in an easy-to-use three-ring binder and includes a base. It contains:

*Glossy detailed images (i.e. healthy vs. unhealthy gums, healthy vs. unhealthy bone, periodontal measurements)

*Proper brushing and flossing techniques

*Proper bridge and orthodontic care

*Implant care

*Special aid appliances

The laminated pages of the Patient Flip Chart can be cleaned with a disinfectant, ensuring cleanliness for each use. The Patient Flip Chart is free of charge to all Sunstar Butler Gold Plan Members and $11.50 for other dental practices.

To order the new 3-Step System for Healthier Gums posters or the Sunstar Butler Patient Flip Chart, please contact your local Sunstar Butler representative or call 1-800-528-8537.

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