New on-line services give patients a reason to visit your Web site

Jan. 17, 2002
DentistryOnline offers clinicians new and improved interactive tools to enhance practice Web sites., the home to more than 5000 dental practice Web sites, gives dentists another way to promote their practice and differentiate themselves from their competitors by adding significant upgrades to the syndicated patient education content based on the CAESY education program. The designers and programmers at DentistryOnline have been actively updating and modifying many of the interactive patient education tools and content patients use most. Launched in January 2002, the new features include:

* Hundreds of pages of new audio narrated patient education presentations have been added making each doctor's site the most content rich on the Web
* Every page of content can now be easily printed out or formatted to be sent via e-mail.
* The ability to edit and personalize each page with your practice name, address, telephone, Web site or other information in the customizable header.
* When patient education content is printed or e-mailed it automatically has the practice contact information inserted into it providing an excellent patient resource while promoting your practice
* Comprehensive patient education site search
* Complete content control (delete any content not relevant for your office).
* Auto-updating SmileLink patient health e-newsletter enhancements

"Our goal is to put the dentist in the position of being the health education resource for their patients and potential patients and to let them truly use their Web site as a part of their overall practice marketing strategy. Let's face it - a Web site without content is really nothing more than a glorified yellow pages advertisement. Patients expect more. The content we provide gives patients a reason to come back to the practice Web site and refer friends and family to it." says Dr. Bob Rondeau, CAESY Education Systems president and CEO.