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CAESY Cloud ortho

Nov. 22, 2011
Version 1.1 offers more presentations available via the cloud.
ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Patterson Dental Supply has announced new updates to CAESY Cloud.The online portal gives users instant access to CAESY Patient Education multimedia presentations via the cloud. Six new orthodontics presentations are available to help practices keep patients informed: Braces Care for Adults, Early Intervention, Retainers, Molar Uprighting, Invisalign Teen, and Identifying Oral Habits for Kids. Additionally, a number of existing presentations have been updated, including Orthodontic Alternatives, Invisible Braces Alternatives, Adult Braces Procedure, Child Braces Procedure and Invisalign for Adults. Launched in July 2011, CAESY Cloud offers more than 280 multimedia presentations, which dental offices can access on PC and Mac desktop computers, Smartphones, the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Patterson Technology Center celebrates grand openingIn addition to the new orthodontics content, updates to the online system include a new banner at the login page that notifies users of updates or new features. With all content accessible through the cloud, subscribers just need to log in to access the latest videos and updates.CAESY Cloud requires no installation. All that is needed to access CAESY Cloud is an Internet connection — networked connections between participating computers are not required. Dental professionals can sign up for the service by visiting and gain access to the presentations for use. After subscribing, users simply visit the website to access the full library of CAESY’s patient education presentations. A low monthly subscription fee makes CAESY Cloud available to dental practices with little initial investment. For more information, visit or call (800) 294-8504.To comment on this product, go to