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PEARL Network recruits patients for deep caries study

Feb. 16, 2011
The PEARL Network is looking to recruit 150 additional patients into a study of deep caries before March 2011.

The PEARL Network is looking to recruit 150 additional patients into a study of deep caries before March 2011. The clinic is compensated $500 total per patient ($200 month 1 + $150 month 6 +$150 month 12). The patient is compensated $200 total ($50 month 1 + $50 month 6 + $100 month 12).

Complete vs. partial removal of deep caries
Management of carious lesions close to the pulp has always been a challenge, and the prognosis for recommended treatments is not well documented. A survey of PEARL members revealed that 80% remove all caries from deep lesions.

This study aims to (1) compare the tooth vitality at one year post-treatment of complete vs. partial caries removal in deep Class I and II lesions, (2) assess the effects of deep caries treatment on patients’ postoperative hypersensitivity and oral health-related quality of life, and (3) evaluate the effectiveness of cavity lining and bonding techniques.

The PEARL Network was launched in 2005 after New York University College of Dentistry received a $26.7 million award from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (part of NIH) to establish one of three regional practice-based research networks with the mandate to expand the research evidence base in dentistry. Over its seven-year grant period, the PEARL Network is expected to conduct approximately 16 short-term studies, several of which are currently under way or in the planning stages.

PEARL Practitioner-Investigators generate ideas for and conduct studies that seek research-based solutions to the problems routinely confronted by general practitioners. PEARL studies are conducted by more than 100 Practitioner-Investigators in 19 states serving a diverse patient population.

How much time will research take from my practice?
Expect to spend about two hours a week engaged in the details of a typical PEARL study. Periodic monitoring visits from the PEARL Clinical Research Associate assigned to your practice will also require a time commitment.

What kind of training will I and my staff be provided?
The CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) tutorial will qualify you for PEARL membership (and will give you Continuing Education credit). All facets of study conduct, including the details of data entry, are reinforced by a PEARL Clinical Research Associate who will be assigned to your practice and who will serve as your primary PEARL liaison for the duration of any particular study.

Contact [email protected] or (212) 998-9746.

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