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New camera line saves images to SD card

May 14, 2014
SD and SD Plus intraoral cameras from DrQuickLook allow dentists to capture and save high-quality mages to an SD card. 
DrQuickLook has introduced SD and SD Plus intraoral cameras. The cameras allow dentists to capture and save high-quality intraoral images to an SD card. Display and review images with patients on a large handheld 5-inch touch screen. This helps the patient take ownership and better understand recommended dental treatment. The cameras are easy to learn with an intuitive touch screen and toggle buttons. You can easily transfer images to office computer and patient’s file, regardless of practice-management software. Provide visual evidence needed to help educate patients. An optional patient education package with more than 30 videos and matching slide presentations is available on the models. For more information, visit www.DrQuickLook.com or call (888) 346-6153. To comment on this product, go to http://community.pennwelldentalgroup.com.