Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution hits the open road

Enhancements include STL export capability and the ability to mill 98-mm pucks.

Preciso M200 Mill Es

NORTH HAVEN, Connecticut--Jensen Dental announced at the 2014 Chicago Midwinter meeting enhancements to the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution.

All Preciso configurations with Preciso CAD Software now have the ability to export STL files, and all Preciso M200 mills have the ability to mill 98-mm pucks as an available option.

The Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution is a validated, open system that includes equipment, intuitive software for flexibility, and a range of materials. Included is 3M ESPE Lava materials with customer support.

Preciso is a combination of technology, materials, support, and education. In addition to 3M ESPE Lava materials, the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution is validated with Jensen's XT and HT Zirconia, Jensen Wax, and Jensen PMMA.

Users of the Preciso M200 mill have the option to mill materials in 98-mm puck form, another common form factor in dental milling. Through the use of a patent-pending fixture, users of the Preciso M200 mill can switch from milling frames in the traditional 3M ESPE Lava material form to milling 98-mm pucks. Customers who purchase an M200 Frame Mill will also have the option to upgrade to a puck fixture at any time.

"As digital dentistry continues to evolve, our goal is to empower our customers to customize a solution that suits the needs of their lab and their doctors," said Joseph Carofano, general manager of Jensen Dental.

"Although our current customers can mill the vast majority of their restorations using our frame mills which start as low as $14,995, we now offer the flexibility of both a fully validated and fully open system, all at unprecedented prices."

Dental laboratories looking to learn more about the Preciso Digital Dentistry Solution and how 3M ESPE Lava and Jensen Materials can help differentiate their lab are encouraged to visit, a website dedicated to materials, equipment, and education.

Visitors to this site can learn more about the various components of Preciso through a variety of resources, including white papers, webinars, and ROI calculators. They can also call (800) 243-2000 and ask to speak to a Jensen sales consultant for a one-on-one consultation on how to achieve results through digital dentistry.

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