PracticeMojo announces partnership with My Social Practice

July 23, 2012
Two will help dental practices maximize social media presence.

PHOENIX, Arizona--PracticeMojo has partnered with My Social Practice to provide dental practices social media and online web solutions.

PracticeMojo and My Social Practice combine tools, content, strategy training, and support in an integrated solution that helps dental and orthodontic practices attract new patients, increase patient loyalty, and achieve greater growth through social media.

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Custom-designed Facebook pages include:

. Custom Timeline Cover Image
. Quarterly Promotions/Offers
. Appointment Request Form
. Daily Kickstart Post Ideas
. Email Support

Along with access to a library of offers and customers, members receive daily Kickstart emails. The emails are designed to give dental practices content to publish on their Facebook pages. Other dental social media solutions mass-publish their Facebook content, which means many offices end up showing the same updates on pages on the same day.

Other social media sites can also be created and integrated, including a custom WordPress blogsite to support and complement overall practice marketing strategy, a custom-designed Twitter page that includes a branded background image,; and a customized YouTube channel to help educate, entertain, and connect the online community of dental patients and colleagues with content.

For a limited time, PracticeMojo will offer new customers $300 off a one-time set-up fee.

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