AACD announces new member benefit

July 19, 2012
Association to offer free patient education videos.

MADISON, Wiscsonsin--Eighty-four percent of patients want to be educated by their respective health-care professional, according to a recent survey.

Member dentists of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry can do this at no cost with the help of new patient education videos through a partnership with Dear Doctor.

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The videos—produced specifically for AACD Member dentists by Dear Doctor, a provider of patient education and marketing materials for dentists--are free to AACD members and are customized for members’ practices.

They can be placed on practice websites, social media platforms, or used chairside with an iPad or tablet.

The videos include select topics such as:

• A Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

• How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

• Porcelain Veneers

• Teeth Whitening

• Dental Implants

With the videos, dentists can demonstrate to patients what kinds of treatments are best for them, and help them understand what their smiles will look like after treatment has been completed.

The videos can also help dentists spark patients’ interest in additional cosmetic dentistry treatments, thus increasing case acceptance and improving patient retention.

AACD offers the videos to member dentists at no additional cost, though the videos are valued at more than $360 annually compared to other offerings in the marketplace.

“An educated patient is a happy patient—and a repeat customer,” said Dr. Ron Goodlin, AACD president.

“When it comes to treatment, dental patients don’t like to be surprised. With the help of Dear Doctor, patients under the care of AACD member dentists won’t be!”

For more, visit www.aacdvideos.com.

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