MetLife announces resources for dentists

July 24, 2012
Resources address emergency situations.

NEW YORK, New York––MetLife, a provider of dental plan administration for more than 21 million people, has announced availability of a free guide to help dentists be better prepared in the face of an emergency.

The guide, "The Six Links of Survival," is made available through an arrangement with the Institute of Medical Emergency Preparation and the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation and can be downloaded at It highlights the education and items needed to be adequately prepared to help a patient in crisis.

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According to the University of Texas Health Science Center, practicing U.S. dentists will face approximately eight potentially life-threatening medical emergencies in their offices every 10 years (approximately 150,000 in the U.S. every year).

In addition to the free guide, the web site also features a video discussing the importance of medical emergency preparedness and information about the benefits of IMEP membership including online continuing education classes, mock drills and clinical scenarios, and a medical education workbook for emergency response.

“A medical emergency can happen in any dentist’s office at any time,” said Dr. David Guarrera, DDS, vice president, MetLife Dental Products.

“Being prepared as a first responder for an emergency can mean all the difference to patients, their family, and a dentist’s practice. MetLife is working with IMEP and RMBF to raise awareness on this issue, and is dedicated to improving emergency procedures in dental offices by providing dentists with education and solutions.”

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