GetFlossin dental education, marketing program unveiled

Nov. 18, 2005
Program teaches youth to keep smiles bright through partnership of school teachers and dentists.

The dental healthcare industry has been known for high quality care and innovation. Dentists have worked hard to ease the fears of patients while offering superior service to their clients.

At the same time education has taken the forefront as more and more dentists are stepping outside of their offices to impact the community around.

Filling a needed gap and connecting the link, the GetFlossin Program is teaching kids to keep those smiles bright.

The GetFlossin Program was designed by an Oregon Dentist, Dr. Gregory Soriano DMD. Dr. Soriano recognized the need for positive dental outreach programs not only in the community of Corvallis which he serves, but also throughout the country.

His dental education experiment stirred him to create his own solution ¿ an interactive coloring book that he could use at a local elementary school that he was working with. Dr. Soriano delivered a lesson in dental health education, and in return gained several new clients to his practice. Thus the GetFlossin idea immerged as a dental education and new patient marketing combination.

The creativity of the Web-based GetFlossin Program is that it is designed to allow teachers and dentists to be paired together through the programs matching network. The focus is the educational value that students receive from the partnership of classrooms and dentists.

With upcoming health screenings in schools and the arrival of Dental Health Awareness Month in February it is critical to start facilitating the matching of classroom teachers with dentists who will in-turn sponsor a classroom of students. Together teachers and dentists can make a difference by educating the next generation on dental health.

Today, Dr. Soriano's brainchild is positioned to make an impact on communities throughout the world. Its benefits have barely begun to be realized. The Get Flossin! Web site at further details the program and enabled the coloring books to be purchased in both Spanish and English.

Dentists will find that the investment in the coloring packets is well worth it, and they will recover their expenses within 24 months through new clients. However, this is not designed to be a stand alone coloring book. The idea is to mix a fun activity for children with a classroom visit and presentation by a dentist.

As Dr. Soriano discovered he made a connection with children who then went home and told their parents about his visit. This not only promoted family discussions about proper dental care, but brought new patients to his practice.

These results can be recreated in other communities through the distribution of the coloring books accompanied by a classroom presentation with a smiling dentist. Why not try the GetFlossin philosophy in your community?