American Dental Association, ADA Foundation provide seed money for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Fund

Sept. 4, 2005
The fund will provide an effective way for the dental community to offer immediate and targeted support to Hurricane Katrina victims.

The American Dental Association (ADA) and its charitable arm, the ADA Foundation (ADAF), each have donated $50,000 as seed funding to the ADA Foundation Disaster Response Fund for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The fund will provide an effective way for the dental community to offer immediate and targeted support to Hurricane Katrina victims.

ADA, Dental Community Efforts
"I'm sure there are thousands within the dental community that would like to join the ADA's effort in helping the victims of this disaster, much like their generous response to the ADA's Tsunami Assistance Fund a few months ago," said ADA President Richard Haught, D.D.S. "We encourage them to join us in reaching out, not only to our dental colleagues, but also to other victims of this disaster."

"We are securing mobile dental units to send to the affected areas. We also are helping to connect impacted people that need urgent dental care with dentists and locations where they can be served," elaborated ADA Executive Director James B. Bramson, D.D.S. "In addition, we are keeping a list of those dentists and other individuals that wish to help, including with forensic identification, providing dental care to the displaced or making in-kind donations."

Other ADA Actions: Legislative, Help-the-Dentist , Dental Education
The ADA will work with state dental societies that are interested in seeking emergency legislation that would allow dentists who are temporarily relocating to set up temporary practices or work in the offices of other dentists. The association is urging state dental societies to approach state boards about the possibility of granting temporary licenses to displaced Louisiana dentists.

Dentists who lost their homes in the disaster may also find shelter and assistance from fellow dentists through the Help-the-Dentist program being developed by the ADA Foundation. The ADA Foundation, along with other participating state and local dental associations, will be collecting information from both those in need and those who wish to provide housing so they can make connections at this crucial time. For more information, email [email protected].

The ADA also is working with other dental education institutions and organizations to help dental students, who need to be placed at other dental schools, continue their education.

Available Grants
The ADA Foundation's Charitable Assistance Program offers two grant programs to help those in need. Grants up to $2,500 are available to assist dentists with personal, immediate emergency needs. Also, grants are available to nonprofit, or publicly funded, organizations to provide dental services to affected areas. Donations raised by the ADAF's Disaster Response Fund will help support these grant programs.

Additionally, the Florida Dental Association's "Five-Step Guide to Disaster Preparedness and Recovery" is downloadable in PDF format at .The 64-page guide received funding from the FDA and ADA Foundations.

How to Make a Donation to the ADAF Disaster Response Fund
Tax-deductible contributions to the ADAF Disaster Response Fund can be designated for a particular use to include:

* assisting dentists and their families in need of food, clothing and shelter;

* supporting ADAF grants to organizations providing dental services to affected areas;

* supporting the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund;

* assisting the recovery needs of the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry;

* or applied wherever needed most.

To make a donation, download and complete the Disaster Response Fund form at and return it to the ADA Foundation, 211 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago, 60611. Make checks payable to the ADA Foundation, or use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card. For more information, contact Dwight S. Edwards, ADAF director of development, at 312-440-4717 or [email protected].