CAESY "Enterprise" networked throughout University of the Pacific School of Dentistry.

Feb. 19, 2002
Addition gives student dentists access to cutting-edge patient education technology.

CAESY Education Systems has completed the installation of its new digital local area network (LAN)-based platform version called "CAESY Enterprise" into the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry's (UOP) computer network. This server-based delivery system allows clinical instructors and students to simultaneously present any one of CAESY's 170 presentations on laptop computer to patients in the dental clinic.
Dr. Paul Glassman, associate dean for information and educational technology at the School of Dentistry, has championed the introduction of CAESY into the school's curriculum and helped in the training process for the students. "We are excited about the integration of CAESY into our clinic and educational program. This system will benefit both students and patients. The presentations give concise, visual information in terms patients can easily understand. During our initial introduction and training, the students loved it. Our goal is to elevate patient care to new levels and one of the ways of doing that is by training our students on the latest technologies available in dentistry. We're happy to be working with CAESY to that end."
University of the Pacific School of Dentistry is one of the first schools in the nation to provide each of its students with a laptop computer for student access to additional resources and online curriculum. With the addition of CAESY, each student has the added resource of this leading edge multimedia patient education program for reference and to aid in case presentations in the clinic.
CAESY Education Systems, Inc. creates multimedia patient education programs on DVD. The product line that educates and entertains patients consists of CAESY? for use in the clinical areas of practice, The Smile Channel? for the reception area and CAESY Clubhouse? for children and parents. CAESY Education Systems is also home to, specializing in on-line dental health resources, and the AudioImages on-hold messaging system. More information on these products can be found at