Whip Mix introduces two new products

July 30, 2004
Quick Lock Toggle and WhipWrap are available now.

Whip Mix has recently introduced the Quick Lock Toggle Assembly used for bite fork placement during face bow registration. The Quick Lock Toggle has a single locking, universal joint which allows a wide range of movement to take bite registrations more quickly and easily by tightening a single toggle. The Quick Lock Toggle Assembly adapts to existing Whip Mix face bows and can be used with indirect mounting technique on articulators if desired. The Quick Lock Toggle may be purchased separately or with the new Whip Mix #9155 Face Bow.

Whip Mix has also introduced WhipWrap, a disposable, clear plastic film intended to help prevent cross-contamination and to keep equipment and work stations clean. In addition, WhipWrap can be wrapped tightly around articulator fossae elements, keeping them plaster free. This adhesive backed film sticks tightly to surfaces, removes easily and will leave no residue. WhipWrap is packaged in a convenient, easy to use dispenser that contains a roll of 400, 6" x 9" perforated sheets.

For more information on either product, contact Whip Mix Corporation at (502) 637-1451 or visit www.whipmix.com