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Parkell seismatic 700

Sept. 21, 2010
Model is a smaller unit size with a more compact footprint than previous Sensimatics.
Parkell has released a new electrosurge unit, the Sensimatic 700SE Electrosurge. The unit comes with the features found in the company’s previous Sensimatic models, but in a smaller unit size with a more compact footprint. The Sensimatic 700SE is user-friendly. Its power switch, operation modes (CUT / CUT / COAG, COAG) and power output (10 levels available) are located on the display panel. The unit’s low-impedance circuitry adjusts the power level to compensate for tissue depth variations during operation. When coupled with the electrosurge’s stable voltage circuitry, the result is constant cutting efficiency. Parkell’s newest electrosurge unit is safe to use. It has the safety features found in the Sensimatic 600SE, including the unit’s special electronic circuit to protect against electrical malfunction. It does this by comparing the electrode output with the control settings. If there’s any discrepancy, it will quickly and safely deactivate the unit. An LED light on the display panel plus an audible tone are included to signify when the unit’s output is active. Six electrodes and an inert, high-temperature Delrin resin handpiece are included to handle electrosurgical procedures with complete accuracy and quality tissue healing. The Sensimatic 700SE also comes with Parkell’s 90-day risk-free trial and five-year warranty. The Sensimatic 700SE is available for $749, the same price as its previous model. To order, or for more information, contact Parkell at (800) 243-7446 or visit read more about Parkell, go to Parkell.To comment on this product, go to

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