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New Products

Nov. 1, 2010

SureFil® SDR® flow Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base, the unique posterior flowable composite from Dentsply Caulk that can be placed in bulk saving up to 40% in placement time, is now available in a syringe delivery and in three new shades — A1, A2, and A3. The stress decreasing resin (SDR™) technology provides 60% less polymerization stress allowing for 4mm increment placements. It also has a unique self leveling handling that allows it to adapt to the walls of the prep with minimum to no manipulation. For more information, visit

Midmark Corporation announces the Elevance™ Dental Chair. With its unique Cantilever Forward™ design, advanced hydraulic system, and the fully integrated heat and massage option, the Elevance chair delivers sophisticated styling, optimal patient access, and exceptional patient comfort without compromise. The Elevance chair has a unique backrest that is thin and narrow and cradles patients with exclusive integrated armrests for exceptional patient comfort and access. Starting at a low seat height of 15 inches and extending to a seat height of 34 inches, the chair accommodates a broader range of operators and offers greater flexibility whether seated or standing. For more information, visit

DentalEZ® Group recently expanded its StarDental® line of high-speed handpiece components with the introduction of the new StarBright® LED Handpiece Swivel (pictured) and new StarBright LED Replacement Bulbs. These two new energy efficient components now provide the option to switch all existing StarDental handpieces to a cool, white LED light source. The lightweight StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel provides a cool white, neutral daylight-color illumination and has a temperature of 4000K. The LED replacement bulb for the StarDental HiFlo® Swivel easily replaces existing halogen light sources with LED illumination, and there is no need to purchase new swivels. Much like the StarBright LED Handpiece Swivel, the replacement LED provides cool white light (4000K color temperature) and lasts 10 times longer than halogen. For more information, visit

Essential Dental Systems, Inc. announces the introduction of its new passive post, EZ-Fit. EZ-Fit encompasses unsurpassed design and function in comparison to any other passive fiber post on the market today. EZ-Fit's multiple tiered design allows the post to be countersunk into the tooth preventing apical stress under pressure. EZ-Fit's positive seated head stabilizes restoration by resting on the tooth and stabilizing tooth structure, all while safely dissipating the stresses of occlusion. Featuring undercuts on the head and shank, EZ-Fit provides excellent core material retention and locks in post cement providing high retention of the post shank. For more information, visit