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Results of study about oil pulling benefits

How do oil pulling products stack up to alcohol-based mouthwashes?

May 28, 2024
Oil pulling continues to attract dental patients. What do you tell them? The results of this study can help guide you.

No doubt you’ve fielded your fair share of questions about oil pulling from your patients. The team at GuruNanda, which includes coconut oil pulling products, have encountered plenty of skeptics about oil pulling products, so they set out to get some answers in a recent controlled group clinical trial.

“Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that involves holding certain types of oil in the mouth for a specific amount of time,” wrote Rose Nguyen and Lisa Ng in a recent article on DentistryIQ. “Oil pulling has been used for centuries to improve oral hygiene. Advocates claim that it can reverse tooth decay, eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, promote overall health, and serve as an alternative to root canals.”

"Let us not forget the ancient wisdom that has guided us through centuries, serving as the preventive medicine that sustained civilizations,” GuruNanda founder Puneet Nanda told DentistryIQ. “While modern science and clinically-backed emergency medicine are crucial, the true key lies in the amalgamation of both. By blending timeless knowledge with contemporary advances, we can achieve a more holistic and effective approach to health and well-being.

"Ancient wisdom has sustained civilizations,” he continued. “Combining it with modern science creates holistic, effective health solutions that blend prevention and cure."

The company evolved following Nanda’s own health crisis after his move from India to the US, the GuruNanda website explains. He was following doctors’ orders, and makes clear he’s a “firm supporter of Western medicine,” but he wanted to take fewer medications for his health issues. He began to incorporate his roots and familiarity with Ayurveda into his own health care, “healing mind and spirit,” and he saw results.

Oil pulling has become part of many people’s oral health routines off and on for about 25 years, when oil pulling started to become popular in the US. It’s grown in and out of popularity through the years, with the trends often attributed to social media. Dentists have been encouraged to stay aware of the trends in order to guide their patients who have questions about it.

GuruNanda study provides some answers

The recent study was designed to assess the test product's effectiveness compared to an alcohol-based mouthwash and a placebo in promoting gum health, addressing oral malodor and oral dryness, and enhancing teeth whitening, and to evaluate the safety and tolerability of the test product.

The company conducted a two-week, single-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with 66 subjects who received the test product, a placebo, or a comparator. The study concluded, “GuruNanda Oil Pulling Rinse was shown to be more effective than both a traditional alcohol-based mouthwash and a placebo in supporting various aspects of oral hygiene.

“The GuruNanda group had better scores on the Modified Gingival Index and the Plaque Index, which measure overall gum health. The GuruNanda product also performed significantly better than both the alcohol-based mouthwash and the placebo on the Clinical Oral Dryness Scores, Organoleptic Score, and VITA Tooth Shade Scale, suggesting that it supports other areas of oral hygiene, including dry mouth, bad breath, and teeth whitening.

“Overall, the results underscore the safety and efficacy of GuruNanda Oil Pulling Rinse as a compelling option for adults seeking effective oral hygiene enhancements, particularly for those concerned about gum and teeth health.”

Amanda Hale, RDH, recently wrote about her experiences with GuruNanda.

View the complete study results here