RDH Click-It Trivia

Dec. 28, 2005
Answer a question about RDH Under One Roof conferences, and you may win a prize, including tuition to the 2007 conference.

RDH Click-It Trivia

Answer it and you may WIN!!!

Look for the new RDH Click-It Trivia game starting in the January issue of the RDH eVillage newsletter.

What is it

Each month, from January 2006 through June 2006, there will be two to three questions regarding the upcoming RDH Under One Roof conference (on July 26-28 in Las Vegas) RDH Under One Roof.

You will be able to find the answers to the questions on the RDH Under One Roof website. Once you have the correct answers, e-mail them to [email protected].


Prize drawings will be held each month; 10 days after the deployment of the RDH eVillage. Monthly winners will be notified personally and announced in the RDH eVillage and on the RDH magazine Web site.

In July all correctly answered entries (winners or not) will be entered to win a free tuition to RDH Under One Roof 2007 and announced at the Happy Ending presentation on July 28, 2006 at RDH Under One Roof 2006. The recipient will not need to be present to win. The prize may be transferred to another recipient as long as PennWell is notified in writing within two months of RDH Under One Roof 2007.