UOR profiles: Hygienists share what they like about career, personal time, and conference

Three dental hygienists who attended the RDH Under One Roof conference in Maryland last summer share a little bit about themselves and their careers.


Khurshid Malikov, RDH

School: New York City College of Technology, 2013 class

Practices where: New York City. He currently practices at the NYC HHC Coney Island Hospital full time, but also practices part time in a general practice.

Career highlights: “I love to be in field of dentistry as I worked as a dentist in Uzbekistan prior to moving to the United States in 2005.”

Favorite patient: “Anybody who needs periodontal treatment and thorough oral hygiene procedures based on latest scientific and technological achievements. I like to see positive results of treatment and educate patients.”

Outside of work: He enjoys photography, jogging, and martial arts.

Reached decision about RDH Under One Roof how: After I studied the website and learned what lectures and workshops will be available, plus the possibility of getting up to 20 CE credits in three days.

Best UOR takeaway: States other than New York see dental hygienist more seriously and more respectfully in the day-to-day life of dental facilities.

Amy M. Egert, RDH

School: Community College of Baltimore County, class of 1976

Practices where: She currently practices in Gambrills, Md., in the offices for Drs. Leary, Burroughs, and Woods. After 40 years of dental hygiene, all eight dental offices where she has practices has been in Maryland.

Career highlights: I love working with the patients and helping them improve and maintain their oral health.

Favorite patient: I love treating patients that are difficult cases, and teaching them about their mouth and then watching their oral health improve. I love patients with a sense of humor, since it makes the whole process easier.

Outside of work: She enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and Baltimore Ravens football.

Reached decision about RDH Under One Roof how: I always wanted to attend UOR, and this year it was close enough that I could drive. Excellent source of CE credits all in one place.

Best UOR takeaway: The CE courses and sharing the joys and difficulties of patients with other RDHs.

Renee Cina Acosta, RDH

School: University of Pittsburgh, class of 1983

Practices where: She works in Las Cruces, N.M., for Bridget Burris, DDS. She has also practiced in El Paso, Texas, as well as in Pennsylvania in Natrona Heights and in Springdale.

Career highlights: “Educating my patients to understand the importance of oral health and overall health, and seeing changes for the better over the years in both their oral and systemic health.

Favorite patient: “One of my patients that always gave me the most incredible inspiration and hope because, despite his disabilities from a severe accident and then a massive stroke at a young age. He always had the best attitude and the biggest smile for me, every single time I treated him! He has passed on now, but I will never forget him!”

Outside of work: She enjoys exercising, her family, as well as “reading and researching to develop speaking programs for dentistry in oral systemic health and nutrition.”

Reached decision about RDH Under One Roof how: "Tracy Anderson Butler, RDH, convinced me three years ago, and I have been going every year now."

Best UOR takeaway: "Meeting and connecting with incredible people! And of course, learning in the continuing education programs."

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