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Just the FAQs about Evolution: Conference targets career options in dental hygiene

Jan. 24, 2018
Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, shares some FAQs about the upcoming RDH Evolution conference, which helps dental hygiene professionals plan long-term career goals.   

By Kristine Berry (Hodsdon), RDH, MSEC

The RDH Evolution conference is scheduled for April 5-8 at the Hilton Rosemont in Rosement, Ill. (a Chicago suburb that is adjacent to O’Hare International Airport.

The FAQs below provide additional information about the three-day conference targeting the evolution of dental hygiene careers. For even more information, please visit

1. What is the return on my registration investment?

  • Your network is your net worth: Opportunity to create meaningful personal associations with a diverse group of industry professionals and peers with similar career goals and experiences in a no-pressure environment.
  • Clarify your career: Learn about multiple career directions without giving up what you love about dental hygiene, in or out of the operatory.
  • Gain confidence: Learn tools and strategies to overcome career confusion with actionable tools and takeaways.
  • Mentorship with key opinion/thought leaders
  • Your registration also includes:
  1. Breakfast on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  2. Lunch on Thursday and Friday
  3. Networking reception on Thursday evening
  4. Detailed session handouts, including actionable takeaway information

2. What can I expect from the conference sessions?

  • A fast-paced, extremely focused conference program featuring some of the most remarkable thought leaders in the industry. Each session type has been crafted to maximize the exchange of knowledge with realistic takeaways.
  1. The Keynote/Welcome Session is an inspirational “kick-off” session to welcome you into a supportive community of your peers.
  2. Topic Sessions are one-hour highly focused lectures designed to hone in on a specific area of dental hygiene career choices delivered by a topic expert with real life experience. The sessions will offer insights into how to achieve your personal career goals and offer mentorship to assist you on your career journey.
  3. Breakout Sessions are 30-minute presentations from the conference sponsors. The presentations will not be product related. The objective is to expand your knowledge of the options open to you on the corporate side of dental hygiene, including, but not limited to, sales, research, and becoming a brand ambassador, as well as a brief history of the companies and their roles in the dental hygiene industry.
  4. Group Interaction Sessions are interactive group activities. Each exercise will be pre-defined and orchestrated to build not only on the content but to help you develop a plan of action while developing a network of accountability. Each group will have a mentor and a sponsor representative to help coach you through the activities.
  5. Panel Discussions will bring together the daily speakers to recap and expand on the delivered content in a relaxed conversational format, allowing time for questions and answers.

Valuable information and resources will be available during the interactive sessions and each attendee will receive a RDH Evolution workbook.

3. Can I get continuing education credit (CE) for attending?
  • No. PennWell is an ADA CERP, AGD PACE, and AADH accredited provider. The guidelines governing continuing dental education do not allow continuing education credits for career/professional development. The presented content is not CE accredited but will follow the guidelines regarding bias, commercialism, and image authenticity, ensuring the quality and integrity of the delivered content and the associated activities.

4. Who will I meet at the event?

  • RDH Evolution brings together an amazing group of talented and smart industry professionals crossing many aspects of the industry such as:
  1. Corporate sales, marketing, and research
  2. Clinical educators
  3. Consultants
  4. Public health
  5. Independent practice
  6. Clinical dental hygienists
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Life coaches

5. Are there employment opportunities, and how should I prepare?

  • There is always the potential to meet a future employer. You should think of the conference as an opportunity to impress a potential future employer. There is no guarantee that a new career opportunity will present itself. However, the atmosphere of the event is geared to introduce the prospect of a career evolution!
  • To prepare to meet prospective employers, we recommend the following:
  1. Polish up your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and bring multiple copies.
  2. Bring your business cards. If you do not have business cards, you can have them made easily at any office supply store or by using an online vendor.
  3. Dress to impress! Jeans are discouraged.

Please note there is a difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume. A CV is tailored to emphasize accomplishments in academia, including previous presentations and publications, where a resume is used to emphasize your skills as the best qualified candidate and geared specifically towards your future career goals. However, if that is a career goal is in education, then the development of a CV would be recommended.

6. Will there be coaching and/or support after the event?

  • Yes! A key element to RDH Evolution is continued support, an accountability network, to help you as you navigate your way to career change and growth.
  • Follow up and contact with new associations are fundamental building blocks to success.

7. How do I make meaningful connections?

  • Networking is a method of establishing new relationships with individuals who share similar experiences and have faced similar obstacles, enabling a supportive environment for the exchange or ideas and problem-solving.
  1. Come with an open mind! Successful social interactions start with communication. RDH Evolution has structured an intimate environment of support. Don’t be shy. Everyone has a story to tell! Remember, everyone in attendance already has something in common.
  2. Engage, ask questions, and, most importantly, be an active listener
  3. Stay connected. Communication is paramount in growing new relationships—check in with new connections, exchange ideas, get advice, and give congratulations
  • Networking don’ts…
  1. Meaningful connections should not be made with the sole purpose of gaining an advantage. If your goal is personal gain, it will radiate from you even subconsciously.
  2. Overzealous engagement. Natural organic conversation is better for all involved in the conversation. Don’t interrupt to make a point; listen and try to contribute thoughtful comments.
  3. Deliberate self-promotion. Don’t be a bragger, and make a memorable yet humble impression. An effective method is to be genuine.
Kristine Berry (Hodsdon) has developed articles and programs have reached over 50,000 professionals around the globe. Through her keynotes and online coaching programs, she teaches women professionals how to lead authentically, to create the careers or businesses they desire, and, in the larger cultural context, how to develop strong leaders. Kristine creates experiences in the room that break the ice, weave people together, and elevate the learning into pure transformation. Contact her via or [email protected].