New Kodak LED Safelight introduced

Oct. 27, 2003
Kodak says the light provides better illumination options for dental X-ray film processing

Kodak's Dental Systems group has introduced a new, high-quality safelight that provides more efficient work area illumination during X-ray film processing as well as other benefits to dental professionals.

The new Kodak LED Safelight is made of a cluster of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) housed in a traditional light bulb configuration. The lamp works by transmitting light outside the normal blue�green wavelength spectral-sensitivity range of radiographic film. It is safe to use on all X-ray films using a GBX-2 filter and 15 watt bulb.
A primary advantage of the light is low maintenance. The filters on traditional safelights require periodic replacement due to cracking and other types of wear and degradation over time. With the Kodak LED Safelight, no filter is needed. This reduces the risk of image problems due to filter failure.

The LED Safelight can also be used for years at a time, similar to long-lasting consumer light bulbs.

In addition, LED light technology is more efficient than standard light technology. This enables the Kodak LED Safelight to appear brighter, and to give better workspace illumination, than standard safelights.

The lamp's benefits include:
** Efficient use of light makes darkroom seem brighter;
** Less bulky than standard darkroom safelights and simple to install
** Long lasting
** Low heat generation;
** Compatibility with several existing lamp-housing units.

The Kodak LED Safelight can be inserted into standard office light sockets. It can be used for both task lighting and ergonomic configurations and is available in a straight axial viewing lamp design.

For more information about the Kodak LED Safelight, contact your authorized dealer of Kodak dental systems, call Kodak at 800-933-8031 or visit Kodak's Health Imaging Dental Systems Group website at