OrthoCAD product and service updates released

Jan. 4, 2007
OrthoCAD orthodontic products recently supplemented by impression tray supply and bracket storage services.

CARLSTADT, New Jersey--Cadent, provider of the OrthoCAD market-leading suite of 3-D digital solutions for the orthodontic industry, has announced several OrthoCAD product and service updates introduced to customers in recent months.

With enhanced services including impression tray replenishment and bracket storage, as well as a partnership to provide discounted pricing for ancillary orthodontic supplies, the use of OrthoCAD products now offers significant benefits and the highest level of convenience to orthodontic users.

"While Cadent is committed to continuing to innovate with our orthodontic products, we also recognize the importance of providing exemplary service and convenience to our customers," said Eldad Taub, president and general manager of Cadent's OrthoCAD suite of products.

"For our customers, time savings is key, and we feel that by providing additional services that make the use of our products as seamless as possible, we help our customers get the most out of their investment in OrthoCAD."

Recently, Cadent introduced the following added services and benefits for customers using its OrthoCAD products:

*OrthoCAD Impression Tray Supply and Replenishment Service--For greater ease and expediency in the use of OrthoCAD products, this service provides disposable impression trays to orthodontic offices at no extra fee.

*OrthoCAD iQ Brackets/Tubes Advanced Storage Service--Facilitating the storage of brackets in Cadent's secure warehouse, this service reduces service calls to customers and case delays.

*OrthoCAD iQ Customer Special Pricing--For additional value, OrthoCAD has arranged for its customers to receive a 10 percent discount on certain ancillary orthodontic products ordered through OrthoQuest, LLC.

Cadent's Orthodontic services, marketed under the brand name OrthoCAD, provide 3-D digital models for orthodontic treatment planning and the correct placement of appliances.

OrthoCAD's iQ service allows practitioners to go beyond the study models to simulate treatment strategies and select and execute the most appropriate treatment plan that includes more precise positioning of orthodontic brackets.

OrthoCAD services reduce the treatment time and number of patient visits by more than 30 percent, benefiting patients and orthodontists alike.