New milling unit available

Feb. 15, 2007
Sirona's inLab MC XL unit has four burs on four motors, capable of milling the entire range of material blocks, so there is no need to change burs when changing materials.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--Sirona Dental Systems, a leading producer of dental CAD/CAM systems, has further expanded its family of inLab CAD/CAM products with the introduction of the inLab MC XL Milling Unit.

To be unveiled at several major laboratory meetings in Chicago, including the CAL-LAB Meeting, Spectrum Dialogue Techno-Clinical Day, and LMT Lab Day Chicago, the inLab MC XL Milling Unit is already redefining the standard for CAD/CAM technology.

The inLab MC XL features a modern, elegant design with solid, heavy-duty construction. Milling performance and precision has been optimized to +/- 25 microns for increased efficiency. The tandem burs now spin at 60,000 RPM, resulting in considerably faster milling times--approximately six minutes for a full-contour crown.

The capacity of the inLab MC XL is almost double that of the current milling unit, enabling labs to mill up to 60 units per day. In addition, the inLab MC XL unit is configured with four burs on four motors, capable of milling the entire range of material blocks, so there is no need to change burs when changing materials.

No tools are required to secure the block into the chamber--simply insert the peg and the machine will automatically lock the block into place.

The inLab MC XL will currently mill large-span bridges of up to seven units, and approximately in Q1 of 2008 will be able to mill up to 10 unit bridges, which are ideal for producing entire quadrants at a time, or highly esthetic anterior frameworks that span the entire row of front teeth.

In addition, a large window at the front of the milling chamber allows easy accessibility for burr and block changing, as well as better visualization of the milling process with color-visualized status indication: the milling chamber lights up in specific colors that correspond with each stage of the milling process to keep the lab technician apprised of system status from anywhere in the room.

As with the entire Sirona inLab product line, the Sirona inLab MC XL Milling Unit comes with a full three-year warranty on all parts and labor.

The inLab MC XL, priced at $44,995, continues Sirona's mission of offering controllable, expandable, and affordable CAD/CAM solutions to any size dental laboratory.

inLab MC XL users will also reap the same benefits as traditional inLab users. Owners can take advantage of such services including infiniDent, a 2006 WOW! Award winner from the Journal of Dental Technology that caters exclusively to Sirona inLab and inEos users.

inLab owners derive additional value from their technology investments by obtaining access to a continuously expanding menu of materials and indications. Laboratory technicians can upload their digitally scanned impressions to the infiniDent fabrication center located in Charlotte for fabrication in metal or metal-free materials.

The Sirona-operated fabrication center returns the completed framework directly to the laboratory.

Moreover, all existing inLab owners can take advantage of the inLab MC XL
unit with an attractive trade-in program that allows inLab users to return their
current milling units for a new inLab MC XL unit.

For more information on this offer, contact a local Sirona inLab territory manager or Patterson CEREC Specialist.