Sallie Mae helps dental students relocate for residencies

March 13, 2013
With no dees and competitive interest rates, Sallie Mae eases stress of relocating as Match Day approaches.

NEWARK, Delaware--March 15, 2013, is Match Day when 38,000 medical students will learn where they will complete their residencies.

Sallie Mae can assist these aspiring doctors, as well as fourth-year veterinary medicine and dental students who may need help covering the expenses of relocating to residencies.

Sallie Mae’s Residency and Relocation Loan offers competitive interest rates and no disbursement fees to pay for travel and relocation costs that were not factored into the budgeted cost of attendance.

Medical, veterinary, and dental students in their final year of study may request a loan amount of their choice from a minimum of $1,000 up to a maximum of $20,000. Students may apply with a cosigner to increase the likelihood of approval. Customers are in control of their funds because the disbursements are made directly to them.

Other benefits include:

* Flexibility: Customers can defer payments for three years after graduating and interest capitalization does not occur until the end of this period. Quarterly interest statements provide reminders of unpaid accrued interest and encourage customers to make payments during this period to save money over the life of the loan.

* Competitive rates: Sallie Mae offers competitive interest rates and rewards good credit. Customers also may qualify for an 0.25 percentage point interest rate reduction by signing up for automatic electronic payments.

* Upromise by Sallie Mae: Sallie Mae’s Upromise Loan Link service can help customers pay down loans even faster as the rewards they earn from eligible everyday purchases apply to their balance.

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