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Kettenbach debuts new jumbo cartridge

July 25, 2013
Cartridge for impression material auto-mixers.
Kettenbach plans to switch the Plug & Press System of foil bags to the new jumbo cartridge, providing 380 mls of material at a low price.
The new jumbo cartridge is an in-house development of Kettenbach. Benefits for users include: * Easy to install cartridges to auto mixers at a high safety standard * Efficient dynamic mixers * Acclaimed material properties are retained with no changes to formulations * Can be used in commonly available delivery systems Silginat is scheduled to transition to the Jumbo Cartridge beginning in September 2013. Before the end of 2013, additional products-- including Identium and Panasil--are slated to be switched to the new jumbo cartridge. The changeover should be completed with the Identium Scan product line at the beginning of 2014. Along with the new jumbo cartridge, new dynamic mixers will be launched. While these new mixer tips are more efficient, note that these mixers are not compatible with the old foil bag system and vice versa. The company will provide new mixer tips with intro packages of the new jumbo cartridge. Sales personnel will work with practices to help ensure a smooth transition. Current users wll be informed of the transition details on future ordering details.

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