Cosmedent Gloss

Taking temporaries to a new level with Cosmedent

July 22, 2013
Five new products from Cosmedent include temporary intraoral varnish

Cosmedent introduces five new products to make the workdays of dental professionals easier.

Cosmedent’s new Gloss is a light-cure one component acrylic varnish for intraoral use on temporary crown and bridge materials. Glossquickly creates a high shine for an esthetic temporary without leaving a messy smear layer. Gloss features patient benefits such as fast application and resistance to food and plaque accumulation. Gloss is free of methylmethacrylate. Try Gloss risk free with Cosmedent’s 30-day free trial guarantee.

Connect is Cosmedent’s new translucent, automix temporary resin cement for esthetic temporaries. Connect is a dual-cure temporary cement, a feature that dentists love. This temporary resin cement creates a great seal, is easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to re-seat, ands easy to clean up. Try Connect risk-free with Cosmedent’s 30-day free trial guarantee.

MirrorImage is part of a new product line that creates beautiful temporary crown and bridge restorations with special features for dentists and patients. MirrorImage has faster working and setting times, superior handling, strength and durability, a low exothermic reaction, excellent esthetics, and a natural fluorescence that patients will appreciate. This product is available in a 50 ml, 10:1 automix cartridge in the following five VITA shades — A1, A2, A3, B1, and Bleach (OM2). Try MirrorImage risk free with Cosmedent’s 30-day free trial guarantee.

New Adjust is a light-cure flowable composite designed to correct and repair temporary crowns and bridges. Adjust is perfectly color matched to MirrorImage, Cosmedent’s temporary crown and bridge material, and is also compatible with all bisacryl provisionals. It is easy to apply, shape, and polish to a high shine. Adjust benefits patients with its esthetic appearance and natural fluorescence. It is also free of methylmethacrylate. Try Adjust risk free with Cosmedent’s 30-day free trial guarantee.

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Cosmedent introduces Adhere, a non-eugenol temporary zinc oxide cement that features low film thickness and easy removal. Adhere cleans up quickly and is very easy to use. Available in a convenient auotmix delivery, Adhere features patient benefits such as reliable adhesion and fast removal. Try Adhererisk free with Cosmedent’s 30-day fre -trial guarantee.

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