A conversation with Aimee Harrison, RDH

July 25, 2008
Professional relations manager for Ultreo discusses company's plans for growth in the dental market.

At the May 2008 California Dental Association's spring session, the staff of RDH eVillage, sat down for an interview with Aimee Harrison, RDH, the Professional Relations Manager for Ultreo. The Ultreo power toothbrush is the first and only brush to combine patented ultrasound waveguide technology with sonic bristle motion.

Here are the questions and answers from that interview in Anaheim, Calif.:

eVillage: Power brushing products have been around for decades. How is the Ultreo different compared to others currently in the marketplace?

Harrison: Ultreo is the first true advance in power toothbrush technology in over a decade. Other power brushes on the market use sonic technology alone- a technology introduced more than 15years ago. These brushes rely solely on the vigorous sonic bristle motion to remove the plaque bacteria on contact. Ultreo sought to revolutionize the industry by pairing sonic technology with ultrasound. Ultreo is the only power toothbrush to combine patented ultrasound waveguide technology with sonic bristle motion. These two technologies work together to deliver a deep, long-lasting feeling of clean for your patients.

Why is the dental hygiene profession important to Ultreo's success?

Harrison: Dental hygienists are critical to the success of Ultreo. Patients rely on recommendations from their hygienist when it comes to their oral health. We want to make sure that the hygienists are educated about Ultreo's technology and benefits and understand why it is the most advanced oral cleaning product on the market today.

What's next for Ultreo and its relationship with dental hygienists?

Harrison: Ultreo's professional advocacy team's sole purpose is to support and educate the dental community on the benefits of Ultreo. We continue to build awareness by offering webinar classes to educate the dental teams about the technology and benefits of Ultreo. Dentist and hygienists can sign up for a webinar by visiting our website at www.ultreo.com/PRO and clicking on the webinar link. In addition to the webinars, we also offer professional courtesy pricing to dentists and hygienist who want to try Ultreo for themselves. Dental professionals can order one Ultreo for $59 by calling 1-877-4-ULTREO.

As a dental professional, how can I offer the Ultreo to patients?

Harrison: We are excited to announce that Ultreo's professional sales team will now be working with Patterson, Schein, and Benco distributors. If your office is interested in selling the Ultreo, please contact your local distributor. Practices that do not want to sell Ultreo can still recommend Ultreo to their patients with our new referral program, Share-a-Smile. This new program makes it easier than ever to recommend Ultreo to your patients. It's also more rewarding for both. To learn more about Share-a-Smile or our dispensing program, visit www.ultreo.com/PRO or call 1-877-4-ULTREO.

How can the dental professional try the Ultreo?
Harrison: We offer Professional Courtesy Pricing of $59 for dental health professionals. This is an amazing way to experience Ultreo's technology and benefits at a significantly reduced price. To order one, contact our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-877-485-8736 or click on 'try ultreo' at www.ultreo.com.

How can I learn more about the benefits and technology of the Ultreo?

Harrison: To learn more about Ultreo, visit our booth at the AAP, CDA Fall or the ADA annual meetings. You can also log on to Ultreo.webex.com to register for a 30 minute webinar class which will discuss the technology, benefits and features of the Ultreo ultrasound toothbrush.