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March 22, 2011
Company will present printed dental parts and models throughout 2011 IDS meeting on the Objet Eden260V 3D printing system.

REHOVOT, Israel--As digital dentistry becomes a standard production tool for many dental practices and laboratories, Objet Geometries helps demonstrate the benefits of adding 3-D printing to the workflow.

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Exhibiting on stand E-079, hall 3.2 during the 2011 IDS meeting, Objet will present printed dental parts and models on the stand throughout the show on the Objet Eden260V 3D printing system.

“Objet 3D printing solutions provide dentists with a high level of precision that is difficult to achieve using traditional freehand dental techniques,” states Avi Cohen, head of medical solutions at Objet. “The ability to perfectly reproduce smooth, finely detailed dental parts in real life, direct from CAD design imagery, represents a significant leap towards the age of full digital dentistry.”

According to Cohen, Objet technology can reduce the fabrication times of parts and models and output per technician can be increased. A growing number of dental laboratorie-- including companies such as OPT Clearstep, Glidewell, Albensi Dental, iDent, and Remedent--are using the technology to fabricate stone models, orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays, veneer try-ins, full and partial denture try-ins, surgical guides, clear aligners, and retainers.

“The adoption of digital technology is happening rapidly in the dental industry and we see 3-D printing as a key part of this workflow trend," Cohen said.

"The benefits of a process that integrates oral scanning with digital design and digital printing over traditional methods are clear. Production times are significantly reduced and bottlenecks are a thing of the past as multiple, unique parts are built in single print runs. The precision and accuracy of Objet printed parts will not be beaten and, perhaps more importantly, they’re consistent. The potential for human error is removed from the process. Even the patient experience can be dramatically improved by eliminating the dependence on physical impressions, which can be both uncomfortable and inconvenient.”

Objet will also showcase a range of the dental models at IDS, specifically designed for the dental market. The material features toughness, dimensional stability, and great detail visualization to produce models that can be handled immediately after being built.

Added Cohen: “Choosing the right equipment to get the best return on investment can be tricky. Objet Geometries is committed to enabling dental practitioners to reap the maximum benefits from the digital dentistry era, which is exactly what we’ll be demonstrating at IDS.”

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